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Friday, 4 April 2014

Goodman's Laundry Service

Just finished a new Breaking Bad tee design collaborating with my good friend and talented artist mephias​! Here it is, "Goodman's Laundry Service"
"Keeping your whites WHITE and your green CLEAN!" is Goodman's motto! If you need your money super fresh and clean you know who to call

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

If you missed out!

If you missed my Biotropolis Ript sale Gibberish Readers you can now pick it up at any one of my online stores right now just choose your pick!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Monster Ravers!

So, yeah Gibberish Readers, I have been busy at the moment with all kinds of things. One of them is doing some commission work for a tour poster! A load of DJ's/producers are coming together to form, The Mess Tour! I am scribbin' down a stage with a pile of speakers and tech being kicked and eaten by a load of monster types. Some more raving down below in the crowd surrounded by foam. Here is a WIP of it so far, that weird crazy monster crowd!! Put yer hands up yo!! BTW this is just the line work so far!

Friday, 28 March 2014


Hello Gibberish Readers. I just want to let you all know my new Biotropolis t-shirt is on sale today (28th March 2014) for $10 at Ript Apparel

Monday, 28 October 2013

Dark Lord

Ah, it may be later that usual but here it is, another blog post! This week I will start it off by showing you a brand new tee design I spent the day working on. Not sure it is finished 100% or not so let me know what you think huh? This one I call, "Dark Lord" and it is in the same set up as my Heisenberg Man tee design. I am getting into doing tees in this theme and have an idea for two more just like it!

Here it is on a few coloured mock-ups!

So, yeah, tell me what you think and stuff! I am out for now peeps! Until then, stay tidy yo!! Toodles!!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Undead Zed

Finally I think I have finished this design I started a while back Gibberish Readers. I first started drawing this up late July but then was getting involved in other things. Firstly, I went on holiday to France to see two wonderful friends of mine so I am not complaining, no way! But you know when you start something and get distracted it is always difficult to get back into projects again or is that just me? Whenever I get productive on a project I have to stick to it till the end other wise I start getting side tracked and the project itself just ends up taking longer and longer. I sometimes find the hardest part to anything is starting it!!
Anyway, guys here it is, my "Undead Zed" tee design is done! I was going to have the writing say something different but because of spacing I found it better for the design over all to say this! Kind of glad that I was able to finish it before Halloween! So, what do you think, baby?!
Here is the design itself on a few mock up tees. Surprising that it actually seems to work on most colours!

I am glad I can get on with some new tee designs as I've got a few I have been wanting to do for sometime. Sometimes I am so black and white. I always seem to like doing things one after the other. Not too good I know but....... Anyway, I am off peeps! Until next time, stay tidy!! Toodles!!


-----Big Ups!-----

Monday, 30 September 2013

A Pocket Full of Bricks

So, this may be a bit later in the day than usual for my blog post but for all good reason Gibberish Readers. I was trying to add more to this here new pocket tee design but then I realized I was just taking the focus away from the main concept, not adding to it. So all that extra work I did on it today I ended up deleting. Kind of makes me feel like a day wasted a bit! Anyway here it is my, "A Pocket Full of Bricks" tee design. And yes, you guessed it, it is all about Tetris but even though you understand the bricks do you pick up on the NEXT label and why it is there? Anyway I hope you guys like, and, as usual, here is some mock-ups! This design's colours are really nice I think!

OK, that is me for pocket designs for a while although I am going to try and add an idea I have to my Pocket Power 1 design. However, I really wanna get on and finish my Undead Zed as it has been too long since I have worked on it. Until next time peeps, stay tidy!! Toodles!!


-----Big Ups!-----